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Introduction to Forklift Conversions


ADCENG and IMPCO bring you LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) Fuel System Conversions for Forklifts. These and other types of specialty equipment are designed for a variety of purposes, which are required to operate reliably in various situations, including protected indoor and exposed outdoor locations. Low exhaust emissions, reduced maintenance and long engine life make LPG a good fuel for these applications.

Cleaner air and indoor operations are the prime reasons for most conversions. LPG conversions are extremely important for engines operating in enclosed, poorly ventilated areas.

Fuel System Components

IMPCO Technologies Inc. is the world leader in gaseous fuel carburation components for internal combustion engines from 1/2 to 5000 horsepower. The Engine Component market serves a substantial, world wide, conversion market as well as retro-fit and repair for industrial equipment.

Soon, alternative fuel systems that meet exacting standards won't simply be an option, but a requirement for all industrial engines. ADCENG and IMPCO have the product and the technology to meet these demands now.

Fuel Modules

Working with distributors and OEM's IMPCO has developed complete systems packaged in modules to included everything required for a successful alternative fuels conversion. Simplifying the conversion process enables IMPCO to retain a commanding presence in the alternative fuels conversion marketplace.

Impco Fuel Systems

Impco Fuel Systems

Impco Fuel Systems

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