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LGE GasGuard LG50 Series Nozzle


The Gasguard LG50 Series Nozzle has been developed to fit the 'Italian' type fill adaptor. It incorporates many design features that create a robust, low maintenance Nozzle

Standard Features

  • A self-locking Connector Assembly automatically locks into the Dish Adaptor when the Nozzle is simply pushed into the Adaptor and the lever activated.
  • The LG50 will not discharge LPG to atmosphere and must be connected to the Dish Adaptor to allow product flow.
  • The Nozzle cannot be released from the Dish Adaptor whilst filling.
  • Incorporates a robust Inlet Swivel available in 1/2" and 3/4" Female NPT, or 1" BSPG thread. The Swivel is fully maintainable.
  • The LG5SL Lever Assembly through the use of its Lever Slippers, has a proven record of minimising wear in this critical area of the Nozzle.
  • There is 1.9cc of product discharged on release of the Lever (relative to the nozzle only).
  • Flow rates are comparable to the LG1 and LG20 Series Nozzles. Δ1bar = 47 lpm.
  • A Filter (LG9) can be fitted to the Nozzle (optional).
  • A Lever hold-open Latch is fitted as standard.

Dimensions and Nozzle Sub-assemblies


  1. Coupling System - 'Italian Type' - using four s/s locking arms.
  2. Inlet Swivel thread - 1/2" and 3/4" Female NPT, or 1" BSPG.
  3. Nett mass - 1.8 kg (3.9 lbs).
  4. Maximum operating pressure - 2450 kPa (350psi).
  5. LP Gas discharged on Lever release - 1.9cc (Nozzle only).
  6. Nozzle Body material - AS 701 aluminium alloy.
  7. Nose Piece and Ball Retainer stainless steel.
  8. Seals - Valve seat - low temperature viton.
    - Nose Seal and 'U' Cup Seal - polyurethane.
    - 'O' Ring Seals - low temperature nitrile.


Seal Repair Kits:

  1. LG53 - complete Seal kit for the LG50 Nozzle.
  2. LG53SW - Seal kit for Swivel Assembly.
  3. LG53VA - Seal kit for Valve Assembly.

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