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Rego External Hydrostatic Relief Valves

3125, 3127, 3129, SS8001, SS8002, SS8021 AND SS8022 SERIES

External Hydrostatic Relief Valves


Designed especially for the protection of piping and shut-off valves where there is a possibility of trapping liquid LP-Gas or anhydrous ammonia. They may be installed in pipelines and hoses located between shut-off valves or in the side boss of Rego shut-off valves.

3129-10 Pipe Away Adapter


  • Relief valve designed to automatically reseat firmly after discharge.
  • Resilient seat disc provides a “bubble-tight” seal.
  • Available in both brass and stainless steel.
  • Available in configurations that permit direct attachment of vent piping when required.

SS8001, SS8002 Series

3125, 3127, 3129 Series

SS8021, SS8022 Series



Body (3125, 3127, 3129) Brass
Body (SS8001, SS8002, SS8021, SS8022) Stainless Steel
Spring Stainless Steel
Seat Disc Resilient Rubber

Ordering Information

* included
** ½” F.NPT outlet connection

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