Each E-series small capacity pump comes complete with an internal/external bypass valve and built-in strainer.

Affords the flexibility of either using the pump bypass valve to relieve within the pump in cases where it is necessary or with a simple rotation of the pump cover, the internal bypass valve can be used as an external bypass valve with the use of a return line back to the supply tank.

The bypass valve cartridge is set to crack at 90 psid.

Designed for direct motor mount to the 56C-frame electric motor or to internal combustion engine for portable transfer applications. Foot mount available.

Smith E-series Smith E-series

Pump Specifications

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Each D-series pump comes complete with a back to tank bypass valve and built-in strainer.

Without disturbing the piping, the gear set and strainer screen can be serviced. Likewise, should the mechanical shaft seal assembly require replacement, the gear set does not have to be removed from the pump.

Each D-series pump uses a BUILT-IN bypass valve cartridge set at 90 psid. Pump bypass must be piped back to the supply tank.

Designed for direct motor mount to 56C-frame electric motor. Foot mount available.

Pump Specifications

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The model MC-1044 pump incorporates the balanced 3-gear design to maximize efficiency and minimize slippage.

The MC-1044 is reversible with proper consideration of inlet and outlet ports. The MC-1044 can fill up to three 100 lb. cylinders in 4 minutes using a manifold arrangement.

As with all Smith pumps, no periodic maintenance or lubrication is required. Since the pump loading is balanced and no heavy rotor is utilized, the mechanical shaft seal ball bearing sees minimal work. It is sealed for life and does not require periodic greasing.

Pump Specifications

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The most popular bulk transfer pump. Utilizes the balanced 3-gear design. Is recommended as a heavy duty bulk plant pump with a capacity up to 100 GPM.

Inlet and outlet ports are conveniently located on the sides of the pump to minimize restrictions caused by fittings such as elbows.

MC-3H model delivers the same capacity as the MC-3 but at 1500 RPM.

Both models available with flanges, either threaded or weld type. Is reversible.

Pump Specifications

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