TYPE 5853T AND 1333

Fusible Metal Plugs for Chlorine Valves and Ton Containers

  • Fusible metal plugs manufactured in accordance with Chlorine Institute specifications.
  • Fusible metal melting at 158-165°F.
  • Type 5853T has 7/32" clear opening, 7/16" Hex and 1/8"-27 NGT external thread.
  • Type 1333 has 11/32" clear opening, 1 1/4" Hex and 3/4"-14 NGT C1 external thread.
  • Made from Chlorine Institute recognized Naval Brass and fusible alloy.

Sherwood Type 5853T and 1333

TYPE 6414

Flexible Line Connectors

  • 3/8" OD zinc-plated copper.
  • Maximum working pressure of 500 psig.

Sherwood Type 6414

TYPE 5888

High Flow Yoke Adapters

  • Use with P10-CLAL outlet gasket.

Sherwood Type 5888


Chlorine Yoke

  • Made in compliance with Chlorine Institute specifications.
  • Made from steel with a plated finish.

Sherwood Type 628A

TYPE 635

Chlorine Wrenches

  • Forged steel construction.
  • Designed for use with all standard chlorine cylinder and container valves and yokes.

Sherwood Type 635