Smith differential bypass valves for pressure control offer the ultimate in simplicity and utilize superior materials for longest life. The Smith bypass valve is CHATTERFREE due to the unique guide-piston design. The guide-piston is manufactured from STAINLESS STEEL for tough applications and to minimize corrosion damage. The spring is also STAINLESS STEEL and is designed for an infinite number of cycles.

All Smith bypass valves incorporate a unique flow plate to evenly dissipate flow when the valve opens. This eliminates chatter and minimizes overpressure even at higher flow rates. The valve is designed for continuous flow applications as well and can be used to meter flow if desired.

Underwriters Laboratories requires that all pumps except models DW-1Z, EG-1Z, EC-HZ, MC-1, and GC-1 be fitted with external bypass relief valves set no higher than 125 PSID.

Valve Selection

Flow (GPM)
WW-120 1/2 x 1/2 5-10
WW-340 3/4 x 3/4 10-15
WW-100 1 x 1 20-35
WW-114 1-1/4 x 1-1/4 35-50
WW-112 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 50-100
WW-200 2 x 2 100-150
WW-212 2-1/2 x 2-1/2 150-250