For Pipeline Applications

Pictured here is an Electronic Batching system for Temperature Compensated LPG supplied by Acme, pre- configured and wired. Acme can also supply VTM series flowmeters for pipeline applications.

VTM Series Turbine Meter with battery powered uncompensated, intrinsically safe display


For LPG and Anhydrous Ammonia applications

The Acme VTM Series Turbine Flowmeter, represents a significant advance in turbine meter design, offering linear flow characteristics normally associated with positive displacement meters combined with exceptionally long life. VTM Turbine Meters have proven reliability in rugged conditions as Australia's first choice for road tanker metering, and are the logical alternative for bulk plant metering applications.

VTM Series meters are available with either single or dual channel pulse output. Sizes range from ¾" to 2".

Acme VTM 200 meter installed on an articulated Road Tanker dispensing LPG. This is a Custody Transfer system and therefore includes a Vapour Release and Differential Valve.

Acme VTM 150 meter installed on a Bobtail Road Tanker.

Acme VTM 100 meter installed on a Bobtail Road Tanker.

Acme VTM 150 meter supplied as a "Flow Loop" to assist in easy replacement of an existing P.D. Meter while utilizing the system's existing Vapour Eliminator and Differential Valve

Acme VTM150 installed on an articulated Road Tanker.


VTM Series Turbine Flowmeters Brochure